IRIS dramatically improves sound quality while simultaneously activating the brain. This is Active Listening. Watch our video or scroll down to learn more.

Discover the story of IRIS, and of our journey to bring Active Listening to the world.

Discover IRIS

IRIS is building an audio ecosystem where you can Listen Well everywhere. For users this isn’t about doing anything different, simply doing it better.

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Our technology seamlessly integrates with third party hardware or applications regardless of audio format or musical genre.

Discover IRIS ecosystem
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Fall in love with your favourite songs all over again with the free IRIS app

IRIS doesn’t just take a listener back to the audio quality of the CD era, or even the vinyl era; IRIS takes you back to the very room where the track was originally recorded.

No lost information, just all the detail, layers and texture of real, live sound.

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We’re still developing IRIS for Android, but it won’t be long – sign up to be the first to experience it!

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