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Human being vs human doing

Published 13 May 2020 / 3 min read

Life always seems to go at one million miles an hour with a never-ending list of things to do, people to see and places to go. (Although right now that seems like another lifetime!)

In the good old days, even when I took time for myself, I was back to the grind straight after. I love to take time out of my day to reset and refocus through my yoga practice. Although, I found the results would quickly wear off. I’d normally be straight onto a crowded central line, manoeuvring around groups of tourists, bikes and buses and off to whatever mission I had ahead of me.

The hectic life of a human doing

One positive from life in lockdown, is the time I’ve been able to dedicate to myself – to look after myself. Never before have I so appreciated having the time and the ability to move, stretch, walk, run and dance. And more so than ever have I seen a direct correlation in my physical activity and mental wellness. I have especially found great solace in my yoga practice.

When feeling like a caged animal in a zoo, even just a 15-minute gentle flow yoga is the exact medicine I need to unwind and refocus.

The wonderful thing about yoga is it can be done by anyone, anywhere. There is no good or bad at yoga, we all have different bodies that move in different ways. The practice can be adapted to meet your fitness levels. It doesn’t matter if you can’t touch your toes – yoga is not about how you look doing it, but instead about reaching mental transformation through movement.

There are also many health benefits of yoga. Practicing a few times a week not only improves your flexibility and boosts your muscle strength and tone, but has been shown to improve bone and joint health, promote blood flow (reduce heart attack and strokes), drain the lymphatic system and boost the immune system, decrease blood pressure, reduce stress, lower blood sugar levels, increase focus and memory, aid relaxation and sleep, aid digestion and improve circulation. How great is that!! Time to get your mat out!

At home practice with a few of our favourites:

I love the idea of using this time to get back into good habits that we can carry over into ‘normal’ life post quarantine. However, I am aware that I am in a position where I have no other responsibilities and all of my time can be solely dedicated to myself. I appreciate that many will be juggling home schooling, working, cooking and the general running of households all whilst handling the pressures and anxieties of a global pandemic.

Finding the spare time to do some yoga can seem an impossible luxury and it is more than OK if you can’t get around to it. But if you can, even only 10 minutes a couple of times a week will give you the time and space to relax, release old emotions and reconnect with yourself. Something I consider highly important in my attempt at becoming a human being, not a human doing!

Stayed tuned for our next set of top tips soon. In the meantime, stay safe, stay healthy and #ListenWell.

*Please remember not to force yourself into a position that hurts. Listen to your body, only move in ways that our comfortable for yourself.