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Jeremie Quidu


We have worked with Jeremie Quidu, one of Ibiza’s most renowned sound healers, an expert in the practice of inner peace, to give you a moment to release any stress and anxieties that have built up during this trialing period. We have taken Jeremie’s healing frequencies and vibrations and embedded the patented IRIS technology to bring you into a heightened live state, engaging your mind and body in this immersive experience.


1. First, connect your headphones and use the short demo track to switch IRIS on and off and experience the immersive benefit IRIS brings to sound healing.

2. Then click on the full guided experience.

3. Lay back, switch off and enjoy the hour long sound healing experience.

4. For maximum benefit IRIS is fixed on for the full guided session.

Short demo

Jeremie Quidu

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