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What is IRIS?

IRIS is a revolutionary new audio experience that dramatically increases sound quality by introducing the space that is normally missing from recorded audio, unlocking the ‘live’ dimension that’s often lost.

This is achieved through a proprietary algorithm which splits out and increases the phase information sent to the brain. The listener’s brain then reassembles this vast increase in information and becomes far more active in the listening process.

This unique balance between technology and biology makes sound feel live and you more alive

Who we are

Tom Darnell


Tom Darnell has a passion for building great brands and products that people love. Numerous high-profile positions have allowed Tom to become an expert across different disciplines within the technology and digital marketing space, including customer experience marketing and business development. This experience has instilled within him an ethos that revolves around bringing exceptional products to the market and placing the customer at the centre of every business move. It was a chance meeting with Jacobi in 2018 that introduced Tom to IRIS. Already possessing a keen interest in the effects of frequency and sound on the mind, he quickly mirrored Jacobi’s passion and vision to bring IRIS to life. Tom believes IRIS holds a real purpose by way of introducing a monumentally game-changing product to the world.

Jacobi AGC


Jacobi Anstruther-Gough-Calthorpe has been considered a leading innovator in the music industry for over 15 years. Possessing a background in finance and an irrepressible entrepreneurial spirit, he has been behind start-ups spanning technology, music, venues and record labels. With a clear vision and desire to instigate change in the music space by bringing ‘live’ experiences to everyone, Jacobi became obsessed with tackling music compression and audio quality issues alongside neurological behaviour and human performance. It was in 2016, while building a music festival in California that would blend music and social change with audio quality at its heart, that he was introduced to the two key engineers behind IRIS technologies Ltd. Instantly blown away by the superior audio experience and their unique understanding of the neurological effects of sensory input stimuli, he began to build a business model focused on hacking the nervous system to improve human performance and quality of experience looking to solve the many issues found with digital content. Today IRIS has been recognised as the most innovative steps forward in audio and human performance in over 10 years. IRIS continues to expand its understanding of this area and the book of patented technology solutions.

Rob Reng


Rob Reng brings unrivalled experience in his field to the role of CTO at IRIS. His passion for music and technology makes him the ideal person to develop and implement the company’s product strategy and he has the team management skills to drive the project forward. His previous roles have included pioneering digital work and award-winning mobile app creation at several agencies across the technological and digital sectors. Rob has undertaken CTO roles at Jukedeck creating AI-generated music and Pod Point, a highly connected network of over 50,000 electric vehicle smart chargers. As well, Rob not only writes electronic music but also professionally scores advertisements. His passion for both music and technology that spark positive change in the world make the role of IRIS CTO an ideal fit.

James Lanman

Chief Finance Director

James started his career at PwC working in both auditing and M&A in the UK and Russia, with a focus on retail and high-tech manufacturing. Interested in environmental tech, he then moved to a private debt fund leading investments in renewables infrastructure such as recycling and plastics reprocessing. Furthering this interest, James has taken several Financial Director roles at high growth private equity and venture-backed businesses in manufacturing, renewables and health tech. With a life-long passion for music and technology, as well as a career focus on health technology, James was inspired by the IRIS vision. He is excited by the opportunity to help harness the technology’s power in the burgeoning health and wellness arenas.

Eugenie Eley


Eugenie has worked in office administration for several years, previously at LINLEY and Harlequin Tabletop. With a keen eye for details and a diverse skill set, she is crucial when it comes to keeping all the plates spinning at IRIS. With a lifelong interest in health and wellness, she has become certified as an IIN Health Coach and training as a herbalist. Fascinated by sound therapy, Eugenie joined the team in 2019 and has taken a lead in coordinating the research teams behind IRIS. She looks forward to helping to unlock its full potential and share it with the world.

Chris Haslam


Freelance Consumer Journalist

Jacobi Anstruther

CEO and Founder of IRIS