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IRIS Insights

IRIS Clarity Voice Isolation – born out of F1 to drive customer experience

Published 12 November 2021 / 3 min read

IRIS Clarity, a story

Designing, developing and launching a new product is hard, like really hard. Throw into the mix an ambitious start-up company with a vision for a new way to listen, packaged up in a revolutionary headphone product and you’re already facing a significant (and hopefully rewarding) challenge. 

But this is exactly what we took on at IRIS in 2020; launching our company to the world at a headline event in February that year at the iconic Phonica Records in London. Not only did this event launch our innovative partnership with the Red Bull Racing Formula One team, but also gave a glimpse of the IRIS Flow Headphones which would be available to purchase later that summer; the perfect audio device to showcase the real power behind our lofty vision; our patented IRIS audio software which promises to transform the way all humans will consume audio through enhanced neurological activation.

Roll forward a few weeks from that event and we were plunged into lockdown, an uncharted territory for everyone on the planet. Take all that complexity I mentioned previously and multiply it, this challenge just got significantly tougher. But we made it through, and, before you start to worry, this isn’t another article about the challenges of COVID, nor one about the award winning IRIS Flow Headphones – this is a story about how challenging moments can highlight new opportunities which you should grab hold of.

Zoom gloom

Online meetings are far from my favourite way of getting things done, but they are here to stay, even beyond the era of COVID lockdowns. First, they completely lack the full participation you get when you’re discussing important details face-to-face, that feeling of connection and focus is just not there compared to battling it out around the meeting room table. Add in those issues with wifi signal strength and people dropping in and out, these rank up there as the key pain points, but nothing ranks higher than disruptive background noise in these virtual settings. The mute / unmute dance leaves me wanting to smash my laptop against a wall.

Now, we did hundreds of these meetings during 2020 and they must have been somewhat successful as we launched our incredible headphone product, we sold lots of them, we got tons of incredible press coverage and we even won a Tech Radar award. But they were often painful and took twice the amount of time to arrive at good outcomes. At that same time, we were working with Red Bull Racing to identify ways to improve the sound quality of audio communications between engineers at races and driver / pit wall comms. A key issue we immediately realised was the noise masking the important messages being relayed by the team. How could anyone make quick decisions in such a high pressure environment with such compromised sound? Cue the IRIS audio engineering team finding a solution; isolating the voices from the noise and presenting that back in real time.

Enter Clarity

And there it was, in that very moment we realised that this is in itself a product that solves so many issues beyond the world of F1. This can solve background noise in online meetings, or anywhere there are two or more individuals trying to communicate with one another on a digital platform. As we explored the opportunity and the range of existing solutions further, we realised this was a strong product concept with incredible potential and huge market coverage.

Now as we near the end of 2021 and after many months of fast paced product development, we launch the newest product in our software portfolio; IRIS Clarity. A real-time, AI-powered solution that solves the annoyance of background noise across a range of platforms.




Soon to be available for individual users and teams on both Windows and Mac, with further versions launching for server side and VoIP platforms; IRIS Clarity will seamlessly integrate with your existing infrastructure and solve problems your existing solutions and hardware cannot. Most notably, the limitation of noise cancelling headphones only benefitting the person wearing them, and noise suppressing microphones only benefitting the person at the other end of the call.

Combining voice isolation with customer experience

Step forward IRIS Clarity which solves the noisy disruptions of uncontrollable environments for ALL participants on a call (what we call multi-directional), making this a very important product for the call and contact centre industry, as the customer experience is immediately improved without them needing any fancy software at their end, whilst also enhancing employee wellbeing for agents in high volume call centres. Not to mention the effect noise suppression can have on the KPIs that drive businesses forward.

It is timely therefore that the very first place we will be showcasing IRIS Clarity is at the upcoming Call and Contact Centre Expo at Excel, London, on Tuesday 16th – Wednesday 17th November. You will be able to find us on stand CC-AJ80 next to the Technology & Transformation Theatres. We will have our team of voice isolation experts on hand to demonstrate IRIS Clarity for your company’s relevant use case. You can also have some fun testing your driving skills as you compete to record the fastest lap time on our F1 Simulator, with the fastest time each day winning a pair of IRIS Flow Headphones!

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