Listen Well, unlimited

Revolutionary new headphones that deliver an audio experience that dramatically improves sound quality while simultaneously activating your brain. This is Active Listening.

The only headphones
with IRIS built in

Ergonomic Aluminium Chassis

Precision Engineered Acoustic Chamber

Best in market Beryllium Drivers

Rich protein synthetic leather covers

Sound-isolating foam padding

Our patented technology brings you back to the room where the music was originally recorded. Experience rich, immersive sound from all audio—streaming music, video, spoken word, and more.

With IRIS technology built into each pair, IRIS Headphones are designed to deliver the best possible listening experience and set a new standard of personal audio.

Premium beryllium drivers

Our drivers use an organic material for the diaphragm base, with a beryllium layer on top which is an extremely light metal. This combination of materials increases rigidity yet maintains softness, effectively widening the frequency response and accurately reflecting the true richness of sound.

iris headphone feature premium beryllium drivers
iris headphones precision engineered acoustic chamber

Precision engineered acoustic chamber

Our acoustic chamber is shaped and sculpted to naturally bring out a rounded and balanced frequency response. Using principles of acoustic engineering and vibrational science, we envelope the ears in sound waves to create a crystal clear soundstage.

Ergonomic aluminium chassis

We use bead blasted anodized aluminium for the core structure of our headphones to provide superior strength and durability. The clamping force and presentation angle have been specifically designed to achieve both maximum comfort and sound quality.

iris headphones ergonomic aluminium chassis

The only headphones with IRIS technology built in

icon_Supports APTX_circle_dark_teal
aptX HD & AAC codecs
Audiophile-grade onboard amplifier and DAC
24 hour IRIS-enabled battery life
Bluetooth BLE 5.1 and wired connections
Removable magnetic ear pad cushions for easy cleaning
Easy call answering
Over-the-air firmware updates
2 year warranty

In the box:

Carrying Case
3.5mm to 3.5mm audio wire 1300mm in length
USB-C to USB-C data wire 1300mm in length
USB-C to USB-A adaptor
3.5mm to 6.35mm adapter
IRIS Headphones



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IRIS is now available on iOS and Android.

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