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IRIS is building an ecosystem where you can Listen Well everywhere

IRIS integrates with third party hardware or applications, and is completely compatible regardless of audio format. IRIS doesn’t change what you listen to, but simply how you listen to it.

Discover the IRIS ecosystem and all the places you can Listen Well

iris - woman listening to music on headphones

Media services

The IRIS software offers simple and light integration with the music and video streaming services already used by millions worldwide.

In venue

From the most intimate hot spots to supersized arenas, IRIS can enhance in venue audio systems to create a heightened immersive experience for fans, and also allows for greater audio quality with lower power output.

iris - man speaking at educational lecture


Enhanced audio content, venue installations and greater personal device integration are all ways that IRIS is poised to offer unique opportunities for more immersive educational experiences and solutions.


IRIS technology was conceived as a way to let users experiences positive brain activation through audio. IRIS can be easily coupled with any wellness and meditation app to further enhance the benefits of content designed to relax and rejuvenate the body and mind.

iris - man listening to music whilst laid on grass

Audio devices

Able to be embedded into any personal devices including over-ear headphones and wireless earbuds, Active Listening through IRIS-enabled audio can be experienced whether listening to music, a podcast or relaxing with a meditation soundscape.

At home

The IRIS software solution can be integrated into speakers, TVs and other home audio devices so users can be enveloped by IRIS-enabled audio in the comfort of their own home.

iris - man listening to music on sofa

Partners who offer audio solutions which feature in the IRIS ecosystem can discover more and arrange a demo

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