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I have been using Iris for a while, and remain a little awed. It even seems to squeeze audio juice from poor recordings

Jonathan Margolis - Financial Times

The Aston Martin Red Bull IRIS headphones look every inch an F1 product

Mark Sparrow - Forbes

IRIS Offers Users a Revolutionary and Immersive "Live Experience"

CBS News

IRIS works by re-synthesizing components of a track that are often lost during the digitization process

Rolling Stone

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Red Bull Racing IRIS Flow Headphones


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IRIS Flow White Headphones



IRIS Flow Black Headphones



Red Bull Racing IRIS Flow Headphones - First 100 available at £279.

The only headphones with IRIS technology built in

40mm beryllium drivers
37 hour battery life
aptX low latency for synchronised gaming and video
Audiophile-grade onboard amplifier and DAC
Bluetooth BLE 5.1 and wired connections
icon_Supports APTX_circle_dark_teal
aptX HD & AAC codecs
Optimised phone calls with dual and Qualcomm cVc technology
Magnetic ear-pads optimised for comfort and sound isolation

In the box:

Carrying Case
3.5mm to 3.5mm audio wire 1300mm in length
USB-C to USB-C data wire 1300mm in length
USB-C to USB-A adaptor
3.5mm to 6.35mm adapter

Hear the difference.

Don’t just hear sound — Listen Well.

With IRIS technology built right in, IRIS Headphones enable you to Listen Well through a radical new audio experience which allows the user to be far more active in the listening process.

This unique balance between technology and biology makes sound feel live and you more alive.

Patented Algorithm

IRIS technology doesn’t take you back to the CD or vinyl era, IRIS takes you back to the room where the music was originally recorded.

Active Listening

Because of the unique way IRIS activates the brain, you are able to experience far more engaging and immersive audio.

All Music Genres

IRIS dramatically improves all genres of recorded audio, whether you are listening to rock, pop, jazz, classical or even a podcast.

Approaching sound in a way no one else is

Patented technology brings you right back to the room where it was recorded for a more immersive, stimulating sound. Experience richer sound from all audio—streaming music, video, spoken word, and more.

Hear depth and quality otherwise lost in digital files

Where others add layers of artificial processing, IRIS takes you back to the basics, so you hear nothing but real, live sound. Our real-time algorithm adds missing quality and depth back to sound without taking up unnecessary storage space.

Activate the brain

IRIS technology allows a user to ‘Listen Well’ by becoming active in the listening process. This is achieved by stimulating a positive neurological benefit through the increase in brain activity required to process all additional layers of sound unlocked by IRIS. Renowned medical and educational institutions have also taken notice of IRIS, with studies underway at Mount Sinai in New York and Goldsmiths in London to research the effect of the IRIS technology in stimulating the brain and heightening states of relaxation for listeners.

Mount Sinia