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A partnership driven by human performance, innovation and audio technology.

IRIS and Red Bull Racing are bringing audio innovation to the world of F1. And now you can own a piece of that technology, the Limited Edition IRIS Flow Headphones – Red Bull Racing Edition. But yours now online.

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Now you can get your hands on the IRIS technology used with Red Bull Racing. The Limited Edition IRIS Flow Headphones – Red Bull Racing Edition.

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Discover how IRIS and Red Bull Racing are driving audio innovation in Formula One.

Enhancing in-simulator realism

IRIS enabled audio is being implemented into the Red Bull Racing simulator to enhance training. Its ability to offer greater racing environment realism through immersive audio will give drivers an edge as they prepare for the demands of competition.

Creating greater clarity for all team communication

For the 2021 season, IRIS developed hardware will be launched for team engineers on the pit wall. In an environment where milliseconds make the difference, optimum clarity amid the uncertainty of the race track is crucial.

Developing driver potential off track

Performance potential is cultivated both on the track and off; Red Bull Racing will be exploring how drivers can benefit from the IRIS technology’s ability to invoke a state of enhanced focus, relaxation and cognitive performance.

Placing holistic team wellness in focus

The demands of high pressure decision-making come race day can take a mental and physical toll on the entire team. IRIS technology will be utilised as part of a mental recuperation programme for drivers and the pit wall team off track.