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IRIS technology available to partners

IRIS is building an audio ecosystem where users can Listen Well through solutions offered by global partners.

IRIS licenses its proprietary technology to companies that cover all verticals which make up our audio ecosystem.

Through our network of global partners, we can take Active Listening to the world, enabling a greater number of users to Listen Well through a wide range of hardware and software solutions.

ocean waves with sun showing through


This is Sound Shaped by IRIS

iris - water under water with light refractions

Premium feature

IRIS enables partners to offer a premium feature to its user base, providing new ways of adding value to users and standing out from the competition.

No true competition

IRIS is a fundamentally different audio technology—we are treating the problem, not the symptom. Be amongst the first to offer this to your customers.

iris - man walking along ocean edge at sunset
iris - hands playing piano

Any format

IRIS adds the live dimension back to any recording rather than creating a new recording format that requires significant investment on the backend of audio catalogues.

Flexible & scalable

IRIS is a super lite, real time software, enabling partners to embed in either their software or hardware. IRIS has developed flexible SDK and DSP options catering to a range of partners.

Discover more about partnering with IRIS

IRIS is working with a range of partners currently, but also welcomes discussions with new innovative partners – get in touch today.