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IRIS Insights

Supporting our communities in their time of need

Published 27 March 2020 / 4 min read

Helping hand
These are unprecedented times for the world, and how businesses react and support the countries and communities in which they operate, speaks volumes about the fibre of their brand. 

We are living through truly unprecedented times. As we watch the world dealing with a health crisis, the scale of which we have never experienced in our generation, it almost seems an age ago when we were travelling to our jobs without concern, spending time with extended family and friends, or nipping out for a coffee or to the pub without it seeming like a big deal. Now, the world has changed, at least for a few weeks, or months… in fact the toughest thing is that nobody knows.

COVID-19 is a global tragedy unfolding before our eyes. Many are suffering not only from the disease itself by from the knock on effects resulting in stress and anxiety; Through the uncertainty of livelihoods, businesses and what the ramifications will be once lockdown conditions are relaxed.

In times of crisis, in whatever level of community we are part of, I have always been fascinated by the response of people and businesses – both good and bad. Firstly, the bad, and some astonishing levels of corporate ignorance filling the news these past few weeks:

What angers me and previously loyal customers of such brands is that as successful businesses, they are better placed to support in times of crisis. Yet they choose not to and even worse, some opting to profit from it.

There’s a lot of good in the world

But what about the good? There are countless examples of companies stepping up and supporting the community. Either through leveraging their existing services, or by pivoting their expertise and capabilities to deliver in their country’s time of need;

So what are we doing here at IRIS? We know we should be grateful for where we find ourselves at this moment in our journey. Just this week we announced the completion of our latest funding round. Through the support of our investors and partners we are able to move rapidly to alter our plans and continue our growth through turbulent times. But we also know that many people in our community are struggling, so we wanted to give back.

What is IRIS doing in supporting the community?

New support to the creative community

We wanted to go further. So, today we are launching a scheme to support our creative community who we know have been hit heavily by their clients being forced to reduce costs.

For at least the next 8 weeks we will be sharing a new creative brief each week. This will be opened up to any content creator, copywriter or artist who wishes to pitch us an idea. We will then fund the ones we would like to be created; and these concepts will form part of our marketing campaigns in the coming weeks and months, as we take a message of wellness and live music to the world. 

We want to enable people everywhere to #ListenWell. Mindful of the relevance of both the ‘live’ music aspect and wellness benefits of the IRIS technology at this moment in time.

More information on this activity and instructions on how to get involved will be shared on our social channels. Please follow us and share with anyone you feel would be interested in getting involved and needs some work.