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The Technologists Searching to Recreate Live Music

Jonathan Margolis - Financial Times

IRIS Has Developed Software That Makes Sound More Immersive

Stephanie Mehta - Fast Company

IRIS Offers Users a Revolutionary and Immersive "Live Experience"

CBS News

Concord and Queen Drummer Back Audio Tech Startup IRIS

Stuart Dredge - Music Ally

This Startup Makes MP3s Sound Like Live Music

Simon Chandler - Forbes

“IRIS Flow is the most remarkable innovation in its genre I’ve come across in 10 years.”


Times LUXX Review

“They made me want to spend a week re-listening to all my favourite music.”

“It’s as if these sonic nuances are jars on a shelf, and we’re able to pick each on up and scrutinise the label.”


IRIS_Flow_Headphones_White_Times LUXX_Review

“Both functionality and design here are magnificent.”

“I didn’t know sound could sound like this!”

“We can’t help but echo the words of Roger Taylor when he told IRIS ‘You’ve got something here.'”

“Enhanced headphones that produce the audio equivalent of an optical illusion.”

IRIS_Flow_Headphones_White_Times LUXX_Review

“I did indeed hear keyboards and strings I’d never heard before in my favourite track.”

“Packaging is beautiful, design is stunning and the listening quality is phenomenal.”

-Jagger H


“More amazing than I have ever dreamed possible. One of the best purchases I have made on the internet.”

-Joseph G


“These headphones are amazing. The music is much richer and I noticed a difference.”

-Urmil P