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office meetings_online meetings

The future of face to face

Meetings are an essential part of business life, but in this post-pandemic world, we’re realising just how important in-person communication…


What is voice isolation?

Tired of not being able to hear someone on a call because of the blaring traffic or loud colleagues around…

noise cancelling headphones

Demystifying noise cancelling headphones

They’ve brought peace to long haul flights and calm to the daily commute but how does noise cancellation actually work,…

IRIS waveform

Rediscover sound with IRIS Audio Technology

While it’s been kept tightly under wraps for some time, we’re excited to finally announce the launch of IRIS; a…

iris - hero introduction video with founders poster

What to expect from the IRIS Flow Headphones

Hearing is believing when it comes to the superior sound of IRIS. We asked several people to try IRIS for…

How to enable active listening with IRIS Audio Technology

As Chief Technical Officer, Rob Reng approaches all things tech with a zeal matched only by his obsession with music….