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Tom Wardle IRIS Flow Headphones

Tom Wardle Releases His New Single, with IRIS Technology

12 June 2020


Human being vs human doing

13 May 2020

Duke of Sussex

The Declassified Podcast With Duke of Sussex

18 April 2020

Relaxing with IRIS Flow HEadphones

How Can Sleep Help My Mental & Physical Health

15 April 2020

IRIS Headphones

The Power Of Sound: Opening Your Mind To New Ideas

30 March 2020

Helping hand

Supporting our communities in their time of need

27 March 2020

IRIS Listen Well Logo

Transformational Wellness & Audio Technology IRIS, Raises GBP£2.5m

27 March 2020

Calm with IRIS Flow Headphones

2 Simple Practices To A Healthy Mind And Body

20 March 2020

Formula 1 Red Bull Racing

New audio partnership with Aston Martin Red Bull Racing

10 February 2020

IRIS waveform

Rediscover Sound With IRIS Audio Technology

6 February 2020

iris - hero introduction video with founders poster

What to Expect From The IRIS Flow Headphones

5 February 2020

IRIS headphones premium beryllium drivers

Innovation behind IRIS – Listen Well

5 February 2020