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iPod on a white desk


Our CEO and Founder Jacobi Anstruther looks back on the significance of the invention and how it changed a $63 Billion…

Julian Treasure_Listening_Audio_blog

Julian Treasure – Audio has been a second class citizen for a long time [IRIS Pod]

Julian Treasure, sound and communication expert, award-winning author, and five-time TED speaker with over 100 million views, joins IRIS CCO,…

The I in IRIS_Ariel

The I in IRIS – Ariel

Today we introduce our new series: “The I in IRIS.” Each month we will share the story of one of…

An ode to audio_IRIS

An ode to audio

Give the article a listen instead:   If there’s one thing that goes unnoticed and underappreciated but holds huge weight…

Life before IRIS Clarity: Our Noisy Memoirs

We all know the annoyance of having uncontrollable noises around us — when we’re trying to work, be productive, or…

call and contact centre expo

The road to launching IRIS Clarity: The Call and Contact Centre Expo, The Business Show, and Product Hunt

How two events and a tech lover’s marketplace helped us find our audience and fine-tune our voice isolation app Building…

From racing to remote working - how IRIS Clarity Voice Isolation was created.

From racing to remote working: the story of IRIS Clarity Voice Isolation

Designing, developing and launching a new product is hard… like, really hard. Throw starting a company into the mix, with…

Office set up

Traditional offices are dead, long live the modern office

3 pieces of technology to help build the office of tomorrow. If you’re keeping an eye on the news you’ll…


CES – An audio perspective

This year marked the return of the flagship technology event and showcase, The Consumer Electronic Show (CES). Having gone virtual…