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Calm with IRIS Flow Headphones

2 Simple Practices To A Healthy Mind And Body

In these uncertain times and changing of routines, our bodies sense fear and with that produce cortisol and adrenaline (the…


Formula 1 Red Bull Racing

New audio partnership with Aston Martin Red Bull Racing

The team at IRIS is thrilled to announce its latest partnership with Aston Martin Red Bull Racing. The three-year partnership…

IRIS Insights

IRIS waveform

Rediscover Sound With IRIS Audio Technology

While it’s been kept tightly under wraps for some time, we’re excited to finally announce the launch of IRIS; a…


iris - hero introduction video with founders poster

What to Expect From The IRIS Flow Headphones

Hearing is believing when it comes to the superior sound of IRIS. We asked several people to try IRIS for…


IRIS headphones premium beryllium drivers

Innovation behind IRIS – Listen Well

It was just a decade ago that young companies such as IRIS would have been restricted to a narrow sector…

IRIS Insights

IRIS Flow Headphones Wellness

Wellness Possibilities Of IRIS Audio Technology

IRIS is excited to announce our upcoming research with Mount Sinai. We will be working with their medical research team…

IRIS Insights

How To Enable Active Listening With IRIS Audio Technology

As Chief Technical Officer, Rob Reng approaches all things tech with a zeal matched only by his obsession with music….