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iPod on a white desk


Our CEO and Founder Jacobi Anstruther looks back on the significance of the invention and how it changed a $63 Billion…


Julian Treasure_Listening_Audio_blog

Julian Treasure – Audio has been a second class citizen for a long time [IRIS Pod]

Julian Treasure, sound and communication expert, award-winning author, and five-time TED speaker with over 100 million views, joins IRIS CCO,…


The I in IRIS_Ariel

The I in IRIS – Ariel

Today we introduce our new series: “The I in IRIS.” Each month we will share the story of one of…


An ode to audio_IRIS

An ode to audio

Give the article a listen instead:   If there’s one thing that goes unnoticed and underappreciated but holds huge weight…

Music & Entertainment

Life before IRIS Clarity: Our Noisy Memoirs

We all know the annoyance of having uncontrollable noises around us — when we’re trying to work, be productive, or…


call and contact centre expo

The road to launching IRIS Clarity: The Call and Contact Centre Expo, The Business Show, and Product Hunt

How two events and a tech lover’s marketplace helped us find our audience and fine-tune our voice isolation app Building…


From racing to remote working - how IRIS Clarity Voice Isolation was created.

From racing to remote working: the story of IRIS Clarity Voice Isolation

Designing, developing and launching a new product is hard… like, really hard. Throw starting a company into the mix, with…

IRIS Insights

Office set up

Traditional offices are dead, long live the modern office

3 pieces of technology to help build the office of tomorrow. If you’re keeping an eye on the news you’ll…



CES – An audio perspective

This year marked the return of the flagship technology event and showcase, The Consumer Electronic Show (CES). Having gone virtual…


Can poor quality audio really be bad for you?

Sound can profoundly alter our state of mind and has the power to influence our thoughts, feelings, and behaviour. Take…