IRIS waveform

A revolutionary way to restore the dynamic definition to any recorded music.

IRIS Studio is our groundbreaking product for creators, producers, engineers and music lovers of all kinds; an original algorithm capable of restoring the dynamic definition and transient punch removed by limiting and compression, whilst focusing and retaining audience engagement.

Audio that has been subjected to brick-wall limiting has previously had it’s dynamics and transients irrevocably lost; without re-mastering a new file, nothing could be done to restore the definition present in the original music. IRIS Studio repairs and re-defines these dynamics, not by inventing new transients but instead restoring those originally present in the audio.

IRIS Studio also brings our patented neurological activation processes, capturing and focusing attention; providing a more attentive, actively listening audience.

Use the IRIS on / off switch in the audio player at the bottom of your screen to experience the dramatic improvement IRIS makes to audio.

God's Plan


Nothing For Free




One Kiss

Dua Lipa

Shape Of You

Ed Sheeran

SuperEgo (Remix)

Cameron Hayes

IRIS Flow Headphones Wellness


IRIS Studio re-invigorates any existing recording with no need for an expensive and time consuming re-mastering process. Any audio run through our patented technology undergoes an expansive widening of the sound stage and dynamic range, resulting in punchier drums and more immersive mixes. A listener browsing their existing catalogue of music will fall in love all over again with their favourite records, with no need to re-purchase new versions or expensive hardware. 


IRIS Studio contains our patented algorithm that promotes a heightened Active Listening experience with superior sound quality when listening to music content. By reintroducing the phase information normally lost in the digital compression process, we return you to audio as you would experience as if you were all sitting in the same room. This immerses you in the mix, engaging your brain and making you a more activate participant in the music.

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