The World's most advanced audio solutions for communication platforms

IRIS is the world’s most advanced audio technology company harnessing the neurology and science of human engagement with sound through cutting edge software underpinned by machine learning, combining a dramatic improvement in audio quality with increased audience engagement.

Our technologies are relevant for many use cases where audio is a core component, call centres operations, remote learning, podcasts, video conferencing and audio based social networks.

IRIS improves the quality of the communication between two or more parties by removing the distracting background noise bi-directionally, improving the listening experience and productivity, focusing all participants on the content that matters. In addition our patented software increased engagement in conversations resulting in more immersive experiences and positive outcomes.

Use the IRIS on / off switch in the audio player at the bottom of your screen to experience the dramatic improvement IRIS makes to audio.

Call Centre Recording

IRIS Clarity Demo

Remote learning with lecturer in noisy environment

IRIS Clarity + Neuro Demo

IRIS Clarity allows users to focus on the content that matters by removing the unwanted distracting noise you can normally hear in the background of the other person on a call. For customers, the background noise of high capacity call centres is removed in real time. For the call centre operative, any distracting noise in the background of the customer such as dogs barking, traffic noise, or screaming children is also removed due to the bi-directional nature of IRIS Clarity. This results in a far more productive discussion, with clear audio for all parties and the potential for more productive outcomes.

IRIS Neuro is our patented algorithm that promotes a heightened Active Listening experience with superior sound quality when listening to voice related content or in communication platforms used by industries such as the military, sports teams or call centre operations. By reintroducing the phase information normally lost in the digital compression process, we return you to audio as you would experience as if you were all sitting in the same room. This immerses you in the discussion by engaging your brain as it would be in a face to face discussion, resulting in more positive conversations with more favourable outcomes.

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