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Clean the audio clutter from your conference calls

IRIS Clarity is our marketing leading noise removal algorithm for remote meetings and VoIP calls. Using the latest in machine learning technology, our software can separate the human voice from the noise around it, allowing the recipient to completely remove the surrounding distractions and get back to focusing on what matters: communication.

Featuring best in market PESC scores and incredibly transparent processing, IRIS Clarity also brings our patented neurological activation processes, capturing and focusing attention; providing a more attentive, actively listening audience.

Use the IRIS on / off switch in the audio player at the bottom of your screen to experience the dramatic improvement IRIS makes to audio.

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IRIS Clarity

IRIS Flow Headphones Wellness

IRIS Clarity seamlessly and transparently cleans the noise present in the environment around your meeting, meaning no more having to listen to your colleagues dog barking, baby crying or traffic noise. 

IRIS Clarity contains our patented algorithm that promotes a heightened Active Listening experience with superior sound quality when listening to music content. By reintroducing the phase information normally lost in the digital compression process, we return you to audio as you would experience as if you were all sitting in the same room. This immerses you in the mix, engaging your brain and making you a more activate participant in the music.

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