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Tom Darnell


From racing to remote working - how IRIS Clarity Voice Isolation was created.

From racing to remote working: the story of IRIS Clarity Voice Isolation

Designing, developing and launching a new product is hard… like, really hard. Throw starting a company into the mix, with…

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CES – An audio perspective

This year marked the return of the flagship technology event and showcase, The Consumer Electronic Show (CES). Having gone virtual…


noise cancelling headphones

Demystifying noise cancelling headphones

They’ve brought peace to long haul flights and calm to the daily commute but how does noise cancellation actually work,…


Drive to thrive. IRIS continues partnership with Red Bull Racing Honda, helping the team Charge On in 2021.

We take a look ahead to the first weekend of the 2021 Formula One season and the start of our…

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