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Tiana Raft


Tiana has been working in graphic design and digital marketing for several years now. With a passion for problem solving, she strives to focus on design that creates a meaningful connection, evoking emotion. She focuses on delivering a message that creates an experience, and enables an individual to ‘feel’ what is being communicated.

Julian Treasure_Listening_Audio_blog

Julian Treasure – Audio has been a second class citizen for a long time [IRIS Pod]

Julian Treasure, sound and communication expert, award-winning author, and five-time TED speaker with over 100 million views, joins IRIS CCO,…


The I in IRIS_Ariel

The I in IRIS – Ariel

Today we introduce our new series: “The I in IRIS.” Each month we will share the story of one of…


An ode to audio_IRIS

An ode to audio

Give the article a listen instead:   If there’s one thing that goes unnoticed and underappreciated but holds huge weight…

Music & Entertainment

Life before IRIS Clarity: Our Noisy Memoirs

We all know the annoyance of having uncontrollable noises around us — when we’re trying to work, be productive, or…


quality of sound

Steve Jobs was a genius, but in putting 1,000 songs in your pocket, did he ruin sound?

What if I told you the audio we listen to is bad for us? And I’m not talking about loud…


Mindfulness with music

What is mindfulness? Mindfulness is a mental state in which you are engaged in the present moment, acknowledging and accepting…



The effect of music on the brain

On World Health Day, we explore how music can make a difference to our wellbeing. This World Health Day, the…