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Eugenie Eley

Eugenie Eley

IRIS Wellness Guru

Eugenie has worked in office administration for several years, previously at LINLEY and Harlequin Tabletop. With a keen eye for details and a diverse skill set, she is crucial when it comes to keeping all the plates spinning at IRIS. With a lifelong interest in health and wellness, Eugenie is a certified IIN Health Coach and training Herbalist. Fascinated by sound therapy, Eugenie joined the team in 2019 and has taken a lead in coordinating the research teams behind IRIS. She looks forward to helping to unlock its full potential and share it with the world.

Tom Wardle IRIS Flow Headphones

Tom Wardle Releases His New Single, with IRIS Technology

Brooklyn-based British rocker Tom Wardle returns with a bang on an irresistible new power-pop track Secret, following on from his…



Human being vs human doing

Life always seems to go at one million miles an hour with a never-ending list of things to do, people…


Duke of Sussex

The Declassified Podcast With Duke of Sussex

London based tech start-up IRIS is revolutionising the way we experience sound. On the 19th April, IRIS technology will be…

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How Can Sleep Help My Mental & Physical Health

As we settle further into lockdown, we begin to recreate our daily routines from our homes. This is beneficial to…


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The Power Of Sound: Opening Your Mind To New Ideas

It is no surprise that here at IRIS we are massive advocates in the powerful healing properties of sound. Sound…


Helping hand

Supporting our communities in their time of need

These are unprecedented times for the world, and how businesses react and support the countries and communities in which they…

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IRIS Listen Well Logo

Transformational Wellness & Audio Technology IRIS, Raises GBP£2.5m

PRESS RELEASE. London, 26 March 2020. IRIS, the London based tech start-up revolutionising the way we experience sound has announced…

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2 Simple Practices To A Healthy Mind And Body

In these uncertain times and changing of routines, our bodies sense fear and with that produce cortisol and adrenaline (the…


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New audio partnership with Aston Martin Red Bull Racing

The team at IRIS is thrilled to announce its latest partnership with Aston Martin Red Bull Racing. The three-year partnership…

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