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The Technologists Searching to Recreate Live Music

Jonathan Margolis - Financial Times

IRIS Has Developed Software That Makes Sound More Immersive

Stephanie Mehta - Fast Company

IRIS Offers Users a Revolutionary and Immersive "Live Experience"

CBS News

Concord and Queen Drummer Back Audio Tech Startup IRIS

Stuart Dredge - Music Ally

This Startup Makes MP3s Sound Like Live Music

Simon Chandler - Forbes

How the IRIS Affiliate Programme works

Joining the programming and earning from all the sales you generate is a simple process. Right now the IRIS Flow Headphones are exclusively available on Indiegogo. The best affiliate platform for tracking sales on Indiegogo is Kickbooster, so that is who we use. You simply sign up, download our media assets, write a blog about the IRIS Flow Headphones, or post about our incredible new product to your audiences ensuring your unique tracking URL is included and start earning on every sale you generate.

1. Sign up

Sign up for the IRIS Affiliate Programme on Kickbooster.

2. Promote

Use our downloadable assets and create an article or simply post on social and promote the IRIS Flow Headphones to your audience.

3. Get paid

Your custom link is tracked and you will be paid 10% on every sale you generate.

Discover the IRIS Flow Headphones. Earn by promoting to your audience.

IRIS Flow Black Headphones


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IRIS Flow White Headphones


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Red Bull Racing IRIS Flow Headphones


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Downloadable assets available for affiliate & media partners.

Click on the chosen asset to open in a new window and then download. All assets remain the copyright of IRIS and are made available for use to affiliate and media partners for the purpose of arming such outlets with official photography, video and product information.


IRIS Flow Headphones background information.


IRIS Flow Headphones – Press Release

IRIS Flow Headphones – Product Sheet


IRIS Flow Headphones – White Edition


IRIS Flow Headphones – Black Edition


Red Bull Racing IRIS Flow Headphones


IRIS Lifestyle Images